Secretary of the Committee: Ms. Kanyarat Krisnathevin

Advisory to the Committee:

  1. Mr. Vitoon Vongkusolkit
  2. Mr. Supol Wattanavekin
  3. Mr. Banyong Pongpanich
  4. Mr. Kasama Punyagupta

The Strategic and Investment Committee's roles and responsibilities are:

  1. To consider and formulate the business plan and long term strategy of the Company with the President and Management and propose to the Board of Director for final approval.
  2. To supervise and approve investment projects and divestment transactions as set out in the Company’s master plan. The Committee’s responsibilities shall include preliminary approvals of project feasibility, financial returns, and review of risks associated with the project, financial structure and source of financing.
  3. To provide recommendation to management in relation to business opportunity.

Term of the Strategic and Investment Directors: 3 years each term.